Do you want to live a more authentic life? Are you having a difficult time connecting to your passion, or feel like you’ve been living your life without purpose? Then a daily mindfulness practice is perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking to improve your life or work on a specific issue, mindfulness will not only support your efforts, but it will also magnify your results. Trust me, this is the secret sauce your life has been missing. As your coach, I will help you develop your personalized mindfulness practice that will support you to become the person with the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Moving Meditation

We can’t all be monks, can we? I can’t sit still on the floor and achieve a higher state of being to save my life. Seriously though, for all of you that can do that, I’m super impressed. But I still feel all the same benefits from what I call moving meditation. This style of meditation looks different for everyone, so let me help you discover yours, because you deserve that zen feeling, too.

Did you know that meditation has proven health benefits including improving sleep, help with managing stress and anxiety and reduction in brain fog?

moving meditation

Intention Setting

Let’s get primed for the day, so we can operate in a higher state. This is one of my favorite tools to keep me focused and flexible every day. Combined with other mindfulness tools, this one can give you a real edge. It helps clarify your goals and your approach and acts as a serious motivator to keep you on task.

I really love intention setting, because it gets me excited every day for what is about to unfold.


Gratitude is sneaky, because it effects how you feel and also how you act. It has a way of shifting your focus and clearing your mind. It also subtly improves our self-esteem and feelings of tolerance. We simply cannot mentally be in a state of gratefulness and anxiety at the same time! Practicing genuine feelings of gratitude reduces the stress hormones (cortisol) which helps to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I would love to help you develop your gratitude practice, so you can start experiencing these wonderful benefits too.


Embracing mindfulness can truly be life changing.

It heightens your awareness, building on itself over time, positively effecting all aspects of your life. I’m convinced it will help you as it has me, to see the universe as your partner, presenting you with endless opportunities.