How to Shift Your Mindset and Choose Your Future

Ever wondered how some people always seem to be on top of the world, making their dreams a reality? Wouldn’t you love to know their secret? Well it all starts with your mindset. Once you learn to master your mindset you will become the expert, directing your life, rather than getting stuck as a bystander letting life control you.

I like to think of a mindset as the wizard behind the curtain, because it has the power to control your destiny. But really a mindset is a collection of attitudes and beliefs that work together to influence your general outlook, your opinion about a situation, and your behaviors. For example, a positive mindset is like your personal cheerleader that can help bring out the best in you, making you more successful, happier and healthier. A negative mindset is the hidden junk clogging up your brain that can really hold you back in life, creating feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression and disappointment.

So, what does the mindset look like in the people you admire, and how can you achieve the same results? When we consider what it takes to reach your potential and make your dreams a reality, attitudes and beliefs can make or break your path to success. Research shows that successful people embody several key qualities that are essential in their approach.

High achievers take risks and don’t give up when they hit a roadblock. They have a unique combination of patience and drive, which for a lot of people can feel counterintuitive. These people see failure as feedback, using constructive criticism as an opportunity for growth and a time to readjust their approach. But equally important are intangible qualities such as optimism, creativity and passion, because they promote resilience, motivation, commitment and innovative processing.

Creating Your Mindset Blueprint in 5 Easy Steps

How does your current mindset stack up to the model? Do you embody the qualities that it takes to create the life you desire, or do you just need to refine your mindset? Start incorporating these into your daily life and see how your mindset changes from flailing to flourishing.

  • Embrace Optimism: Do you look for the positives or are you get stuck in the negative aspects of life? Recognize when you are in a negative loop, and start looking for other perspectives. Channel that Pollyanna (we all know one) and replicate what she might say and do.
  • Just Keep Swimming: Do roadblocks stop you in your tracks, or are you someone that keeps plugging away? If you are stalling out, remind yourself that there are always bumps in the road, and it is time to find a work around. There is no such thing as failure; it is only feedback and a chance to regroup. Try looking through a different
  • Say YES to Risks: Are you willing to try something new and go for it, or do you always stay with the safe plan? Force yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before. If the reward is bigger than the risk, then go for it!
  • Allow time for patience: Are you a sprinter, trying to make it happen in record time and missing details? Most changes don’t happen over night, at least when we want them to. The end goal can seem far away, and can be frustrating when we don’t see big progress. So, do regular weekly/monthly check-ins so you stay on task and don’t get distracted. Use
  • Live Passionately: Are you excited about your goals and your life in general? Are you living in congruence with what you love to do and how you are actually spending your time? Evaluate your current situation and make adjustments so your actions align with your desires.

Change Starts Here

Retraining your brain to think and react in new ways sounds like a daunting task. But when you have a blueprint to follow, it not only gives you the tools to change, but also shines a light on what is standing in your way. By allowing yourself to see things from a new perspective, forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone and using new approaches, you will a develop new mindset to accomplish absolutely anything. Sometimes it really can be that easy.