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I am lucky; that's how I always describe myself. The lucky part is for sure true, but so is the the fact that I choose that mindset every day. I believe in my version of the law of attraction: what I spend my mental, spiritual and emotional energy on, shows up in my human life. I’ve learned to stay in close communication with my inner voice, to be conscious (and careful) about what my mind is going on about, and to keep my heart and senses open to messages and opportunities.

Learning to filter out the noise (think anxiety, self doubt, meaningless distractions) so I can focus on what I value most, has been as tricky for me as it probably has been for you. But now, I can say, I live a life that I empower to be filled with love, wonderful experiences and endless opportunities.

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What my clients are saying...

Maggie has helped me

Maggie has helped me with the biggest promotions of my life, both personally and professionally.There aren’t enough words or more accurate descriptions of how grateful I am

Stefany V.

Maggie makes sure to provide clarity

Maggie makes sure to provide clarity and self-reflection by gently asking all the right questions. It is a pleasant experience to speak with her, and not to mention, she is wicked funny with an infectious laugh.

Celeste Y.

Maggie helps me get more and more back to myself

Each session I have with Maggie helps me get more and more back to myself. Her presence is calming, approachable and inviting. She creates healthy personal boundaries between herself and the client. Everytime I leave I take home with me tools/techniques to use for my personal mental growth. Maggie has truly changed and uplifted my life.