Career Direction

Are you unfulfilled in your current job situation? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau or feel like you aren’t leveling up like you thought you would? You’re not alone.

We spend a lot of our waking hours focused on our job, so we better enjoy it and make it count. With me as your coach, I will help you assess your current career and give you the tools to finally get to where you want to be.


The process of negotiation can be so uncomfortable and intense that we forget what we planned to say or don’t speak up at all. In the end, we agree to whatever we’re offered more out of a sense of relief that the conversation is coming to a close, rather than getting what we hoped for. It can be difficult to recognize and accept your value, but even harder to communicate your worth and ask for what you deserve.

Your time and knowledge is valuable, and I will teach you to become a strong negotiator and even better advocate for yourself.

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Workplace Communication

Communicating in the workplace can be hard to navigate because it is layered with nuances. Everyone has a different personality and different strengths, so we have to be flexible and communicate in a way that promotes ease and results efficiently. If you are in a leadership position, understanding how to provide feedback to each individual is imperative if you want the best level of performance.

All of us must understand how to receive feedback and utilize it to improve our performance, rather than allowing it to hurt us or hold us back.

Performance Boost

It isn’t uncommon to hit a slump in your career, but when it starts effecting performance it’s time to address it. Maybe you have so much on your plate, you’re having trouble prioritizing and you’re procrastinating. Or maybe your job duties include aspects that make you anxious or uncomfortable.

I will help you identify the problem areas and their solutions, and give you the tools to increase your productivity and performance.

performance boost

Don’t allow your fear to hold you back.

Being afraid can hold you back from a promotion or prevent you from putting your best foot forward. No matter where you are in your career, we can work together to help you gain clarity, courage, and confidence. The sky’s the limit!