Mental Health

Are feelings of anxiety or depression getting the best of you lately? Feeling overwhelmed or stuck and just not able to push through it this time? Then maybe it’s time to check in on your overall mental health.

As your personal coach, I will work with you to feel more in control of your life and more positive in general. And as a side note: everything, and I mean absolutely everything, can be changed for the better.


For some of us, anxiety means a chattering mind, with constant racing thoughts that make it hard to focus, or even paralyze us. In times like this it can be impossible to accomplish simple things like returning all your work emails, paying the bills, making time for healthy meals, or even getting a good night’s sleep. You will probably hear me say, “it sounds like you are stuck in a loop.”

As an expert in treating anxiety, I can help you get to the place where you can breathe easy again and live free from anxiety.



Do you feel like you’ve been in a funk that has been going on way too long? Perhaps you’re more irritable or just generally unhappy. Depressed mood can start eating away at all the good things in your life. So, let’s get that dealt with as soon as possible.

As your life coach, I will help you change your outlook and move forward, so that you finally have the energy to focus on your life.


Losing someone or something you cherish can stop you in your tracks and take over your life. That’s ok and even healthy for a while, because grief is a process. But powerful emotions like these can keep you from growing, making it seem impossible to pick up the pieces. If you are frustrated and feel that you just aren’t able to move forward, then it’s time to work with an expert.

I’ve clawed my way out of the depths of grief, so this is near and dear to my heart. I’d love to help you lift that burden too, so you can experience a full life again.

midlife crisis

Quarter & Mid-Life Crisis

Reaching milestones isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes these major markers in life remind us of who we aren’t or of what we are missing in life. We can suddenly wake up and think “how did I get here?” Although it can be scary, this phenomenon isn’t that unusual at all.

This crisis might be a great opportunity to make some ‘tweaks’ so you can live your best life.

When our mental health is out of whack... can feel like we are always trying to play catch up, and we can never get ahead. It’s almost as if something is working in the background to hold us back. By making your mental health a priority, you can change the direction.