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Relationship Coaching with Maggie Mitchell


Marriage & Relationship Coaching in Wilmington NC

Is a perfect relationship  possible?  YES, it is, and often it just takes a little relationship coaching to get there.  To me, a perfect relationship exists when it serves as the foundation that allows both individuals to grow into the best version of themselves. That means celebrating each other’s uniquities and appreciating the other person for exactly who they are in the moment, rather than trying to change them to suit our definition of the perfect partner.

Healthy relationships require constant attention.  It can take a long time to develop a great partnership filled with love, fun and support, but a couple of bad or disconnected months can send even a marriage of 25 years on a rapid downward spiral.

Coaching  can be the saving intervention when your marriage is in trouble, and Relationship Coaching can be the intervention that helps you set a good foundation for a long lasting healthy relationship.

The foundation for a healthy relationship includes communication, forgiveness, healthy debate, celebration, common goals and strategies, and love.

What to expect when working with your relationship coach in Wilmington NC:  New communication tools, renewed intimacy and passion, trust, developing common goals and letting go of old destructive patterns of thinking.


Relationship Coaching with Maggie Mitchell Best Life Coach Wilmington NC

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