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Best Life Coach Wilmington NC

The InnerCoastal Coaching system is unique because it is designed to capitalize on your strengths and to assist you in reaching your goals more smoothly and quickly than you could do on your own. It is tailored to your personality, helping to empower you to finally realize your dreams. Through inventive techniques and exercises, you will gain insight into your present state which will lay the groundwork for your journey of discovery, ultimately helping you to identify your end goal. For some, this is a realization of a life long dream, and for others it is creating a balanced life.


Whether you are experiencing a life transition, facing an obstacle, feeling stuck, or just have a general sense of disconnection and discomfort, working in tandem with InnerCoastal Coaching will propel you forward. We all have the power to create the life we desire, sometimes it just takes someone with a little expertise to help you get there.

Life Coaching Services available:

  • Quarter and Mid- Life Crisis
  • Coping with transitions- Divorce or separation, recently married, moving, changing jobs
  • Relationship issues: learning how to develop and maintain them
  • Grief- The journey of letting go
  • Anxiety- Reduce stress and worry
  • Depression- Improve mood, energy and stamina
  • Communication Skills- Maximize your communication styles
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Anger Management – Learn to think before you react
  • Self Esteem- Increase positive thinking and self acceptance
  • Self Confidence- Learn to be yourself in social situations, with family, at work/professionally
  • Finding Direction and Purpose – The journey of self discovery
  • Life Balance – Learn to prioritize the roles you hold in your life and their importance
  • Career Direction
  • Procrastination & time management- Clarifying goals/priorities and improving motivation
  • Performance Anxiety- Be your best on stage while feeling grounded and relaxed
  • Relaxation techniques- Techniques to reduce stress

“Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.”  Oscar Wilde