Happy Friday! I thought today would be the perfect day to introduce Buda, pronounced Buddha, but easier to spell, since spelling is not Buda’s strong suit. Giving lots of love, calming the anxious minds, napping, eating and protecting those who might be in need are just a few of his glorious strengths.

But even in the best of circumstances, life is not without its challenges;  even for Buda who has been struggling with the relentless itch.  Constant panting, scratching, licking, waking himself up (and his parents) all night long are a few of the persistent symptoms he’s been living with.  We’ve tried every rememedy possible until finally submitting to the daily allergy pill with a dose of the dreaded steroid.

Sounds absolutely miserable, doesn’t it?!  My heart hurt for him until I adjusted my perspective and saw life through his eyes.

Every morning this itchy guy wakes me up with a hopeful smile, nudging me with his wet nose.  He waits for me expectantly as I get ready for our morning walk.  Once we make our way outside, he sniffs and runs and sniffs some more, jogs back and forth to me, letting out his one bark utterance as if encouraging me to run around with him, which I eventually do… Of course.  He’s kind of a big oaf, so he is usually ready for a good head rub and a roll in the grass before making his way back inside for his breakfast.  Then he is pretty much content sleeping at my feet or looking out the window in between scratches for the rest of the day.

Somehow he just incorporates his raw itchy skin into his daily routine, accepting it as a part of his life.  Living his life in the present, and just as happy as ever.  As if being incredibly itchy is the new normal, but that in itself implies adjustment.  When rather, I think his lack of definition about life in general allows him to quite literally take one day, one moment at a time.  So perhaps life is always unfolding?  Like a wave, always in a state of recreating itself?

With both Bud(dh)a as my teachers, I’ve come to understand that life is itchy…a journey filled with joy, love, happiness, frustration, friendship, yearning, loneliness, learning, doubt, fear, failure, success, creativity, and an overwhelming sense of awe.  Maybe the lesson is to treat all these experiences equally and not rate them?  Maybe life is the culmination of all of these experiences which is what makes us all unique and beautiful?  Could it really be as simple as embracing fluidity, lake a wave in the ocean, continually renewing itself without judgement or expectation, accepting each moment as perfection?

Or maybe it’s just to embrace the itch!

Life Coach Raleigh

Kick up some grass and go for it!


When you work with InnerCoastal Coaching, Buda is part of the experience. You can’t help leaving your sessions feeling better (and maybe a little less itchy)!