How is your motivation today?

That is kind of a trick question.  A better question would be “what did you do today to jumpstart your motivation?”

Most of us think we have to have motivation in order to get anything done.  The truth is, it’s really the opposite.  We have to force our motivation out of its comfy little shell. Huh?  The good news is,  it’s a really simple formula.  The bad news?  It’s a secret formula.  But wait, there is more good news!  I am committed to us all having the best possible life we can, and I know the secret formula.  AND, I’m going to tell you the secret!

Drumroll, here it is…the top secret formula:

Action = Motivation = Action = More Action

I bet you were expecting something much more sophisticated, weren’t you?  In all honesty, it is really that easy.  The tricky part is finding out what simple little step you need to do each day in order to wake up your motivation from its cozy little den.  So this week, we are going to do just that.  So here is your exciting homework.  Create a list of 3 action items to find out what motivates you.  Is it going for a walk in the morning, meditating, setting an intention, ending your shower with cold water, doing jumping jacks, making a list, setting an alarm to remind you?  Choose from that list or make up your own 3 things, but try one tomorrow, then Wednesday and finally Thursday and see what turned out to be your most productive day.