You may have heard this before… I know I’ve said it before.  In fact, I could probably just do a quick copy and paste job.  But this year is going to be different.  Ya, we’ve all heard that before too.  But I really mean it this time.  Really.  This time we are going to use a wellness strategic plan.  And yes, even a retired therapist turned life coach has difficulty staying on task.  Welcome back to Confessions of a Life Coach.

I have a plan for us.  Will you commit if I do?  Everything won’t happen at the same time, because for once I’m honoring the fact that I have to implement new things into my life slowly and with conscious thought. But, I have a plan outlined and am willing to share it to create the accountability effect I know that I need.

So here goes.  2018 is the year of Wellness.

Boom.  Yep, surprise, surprise.   What does that mean, actually.  Well, it means that I am working on the whole shebang.  Physical wellness, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual/Mindfulness Wellness, Relationship Wellness and Financial wellness.  Those are the broad catergories, but things like creativity, goal setting, positivity, procrastination, fear, anxiety, life purpose will all be in there too.

How on earth am I going to make this happen?!  Very Strategically!  In fact, I’m creating a wellness strategic plan to help me stay on point (and you too).

Here’s a rough idea of what to expect.

  • Weekly blog posts featuring tips, ideas, motivation for the week.
  • 5-10 minute Motivational Mindfulness daily video Monday – Friday:  This will be an organic work in progress – expect daily intention setting and brief meditation or silent moment.  May also include yoga.
  • Daily FB posts Monday – Friday
  • Once a month in-person workshops on a related wellness topic (may also be available online).
  • Weekly accountability groups in both Wilmington and Raleigh locations
  • Quarterly meetings/workshops to stay on track.
  • Initial meeting to create your personalized strategic plan upon request.
  • Lastly, my own progress report posted in my blog.  Ugh, but yes.

What should be our task(s) for this week?  Take an inventory of your life.  Where do you feel successful and where do you feel something is lacking?  Look at all the major aspects of your life:  physical, mental, emotional health, spiritual, relationship, financial, creativity, etc.  Make lists of everything you feel is going well, and list what isn’t going well.  Also, make a summary of what your typical week looks like.  Do you need to start keeping a food diary?  Maybe a mood diary too?  List your activities to see if you are heavily weighted in specific areas – are you a workaholic?  You don’t have to make any changes this week;  you just have to have an accurate picture of where you are now.

We can do this! I can’t wait until next week to see how we’ve all done  with the beginning of our wellness strategic plan.