Self Confidence

4 Easy ways to increase your self confidence in 1 week.  Yes, 1 week and you will feel better about yourself.

1.  Finish what you start.  This is easier than it sounds.  If you are someone that has trouble finishing what you start, then start making to do lists with things you do everyday.  For instance, Shower, Eat breakfast, call mom, whatever it is you do on a regular basis.  This will start improving your self confidence right away, and the only change you’re making is recognizing yourself for the things you are already doing.

2.  Remember you have a sense of humor, and use it!  Any chance you get to laugh at yourself or a situation that is irritating you, do it.  For instance, maybe you hit every red light on the way to work…the first 3 irritated you but by the end of your drive, you have to laugh.  If they were all green on your way to work, you’d think you were lucky.  Well, if they were all red, think of the great excuse you have to laugh and let go.  Maybe you forgot to add the clothes to the washing machine, so when you went to switch the load there was no laundry to switch.  When we start to laugh at ourselves, we begin to gain a sense of control, because we are choosing how to respond, rather than feeling like a victim.

3.  Celebrate your Uniquities…YOU!  All of those quirks are you.  If you are accepting of who you are others will too.  If you are around people that criticize you, they are not celebrating who you are, and neither are you.

4.  You don’t have to like everybody, and everyone doesn’t have to like you.  When you start celebrating your uniquities, you will find that you drive some people nuts.  Guess what, lots of people will drive you nuts too.  That’s OK.

Here are 2 great books for self confidence.

Self confidence

Self confidence