Loving yourself first need not be a definition of arrogance. For it is when we love ourselves completely, that our capacity for love deepens and expands…overflowing and extending to our loved ones and strangers alike.

Let go of external validation and criticism. Carefully examine your definitions of arrogance vs confidence, selfishness vs priority, honesty vs meanness, assertiveness vs people pleasing. Remember that there is plenty of love to go around. The more you open yourself to love,  the greater your capacity. Think of your most cherished person and ask yourself how you would like everyone to treat him/her. Now, ask yourself if this is how you think of yourself. Do you provide your soul with that same nourishment? The more you focus on loving yourself, your strength, your weaknesses, your “uniquities”, your beauty, your power, your true potential,  the greater your capacity to not only see this in others but give them the opportunity to see it in themselves and express their true beautiful nature.

If you have been living your life in a guarded way or as a people pleaser,  and making yourself a priority brings up feelings of fear that you may be perceived as arrogant or selfish, then ask yourself this …”Is how I’m behaving hurting myself or anyone else? Is what I’m doing, thinking, projecting standing in the way of someone else’s path to happiness, love or security?” If your answer is “no”, then you are certainly on the right path.

Make yourself a priority and you will find that sharing your joy with others around you will encourage them to be happy too. Your enthusiasm will breed hopefulness, confidence, encouragement and security.  This weekend, live consciously, in the present moment. Remind yourself to breathe deeply and to smile often. Fill yourself up with JOY -Encourage yourself, forgive yourself, celebrate yourself and laugh at/with yourself. We are all, each and everyone of us, “un-duplicatable” and unique.